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VOTE #HonorThe22 #DSTSocialAction

November 8th is Election Day in 2022.  These are Midterm elections which will change the makeup of Congress, significantly impacting how the incumbent President will be able to govern in the second half of their term. Control of the House and Senate is often decided by just a few seats (Presidents are elected every four years, members of the House of Representatives are elected every two years, and members of the Senate are elected every six years in alternating years plus this is a time to impact local elected officials and community ballot measures).

Turnout is often lower in midterm election years, which can lead to small, non-representative groups of Americans making outsized decisions about issues like education, housing, criminal justice, policing, and minimum wage.

This is the reason for this page - to share both general information and community (Somerset, Wicomico and Worcester Counties) specific information such as candidate races and ballot measures.  #AnEducatedVoterisTheBestVoter. 

More information about Midterms is available here:  DOCUMENT or SOCIAL MEDIA GRAPHICS 

Where to find Ballots.JPG


Click the flyer for the Maryland State Board of Elections Site - where there is the information about how to vote and sample ballots.​  

VOTER REGISTRATION: Maryland offers voter registration online, by mail via a printed voter registration form, or in-person.

  • Last Day to Register: October 18th

  • Can register On site for early voting and Election Day

VOTE BY MAIL:  Maryland offers voter registration online, by mail via a printed voter registration form, or in-person at local Board of Elections.  

  • Deadline to request a ballot by mail is November 1st

  • Deadline for online request of ballot on November 4th 


  • The dates for voting early in MD: October 27th - November 3 from 7 am to 8 pm Daily

VOTE ON ELECTION DAY:  Vote on November 8th at your local polling place!

CHECK VOTER RECORD: Accuracy of your voter record is key for voting.  There are several ways to check your record - via text, online or in person

POLLING PLACES are available on the Maryland State Site (and will be available in our local pages)


America has 19,000 cities, towns, and villages with different governmental structures. But they all elect officials to carry out 3 government functions: Executive, Legislative and (Judicial)Legal. The County Executive (for city this is Mayor or City Manager) implements the Executive functions; the County or City Council or Commissioners implement Legislative; and the District Attorney or City Attorney implement Legal functions. 

Understanding these roles and their impact is critical if you want to influence choices that affect you and others in your community. Here’s a brief description for each function, with their core responsibilities.

More information about Local Positions:  DOCUMENT or SOCIAL MEDIA GRAPHICS 

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