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Worcester County

Click on the logo below to get to Worcester County board of Elections Website


About the ballot in Worcester County:


  • Positions

    • State (Governor, Attorney General, Comptroller, etc)

    • See the bottom of the flyer for list local offices

    • Click HERE for full list of county candidates

    • Click HERE for list of state candidates

      • House of Delegates: Legislative 38A

        • Charles James Otto (R); Todd J Nock (D)

      • House of Delegates: Legislative 38C

        • Wayne A. Hartman (R)

      • Senator-Legislative District 37

        • Johnny Mautz (R); Naomi Hyman (D)

      • Senator-Legislative District 38

        • Mary Beth Carozza (R); Michele Gregory (D)

    • ​Federal Candidates

      • Representative: Congressional District 1

        • Andy Harris (R); Heather Mizeur (D); Daniel Frank Thibeault (L)

      • ​U.S.Senator

        • Chris Chaffee (R); Chris Van Hollen (D) 


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